You Are Perfect

In recent years, I have surprisingly found myself becoming a die-hard fan of Pink, not the color, but the rocker/song-writer/mom. Sure she’s got some crazy hair, tattoos, and her life has had some … { Read More }

sociopath toddler

Toddlers v. Sociopaths

I have become convinced that my two and half year old daughter is progressively implementing a maniacal plot to drive me insane. Clearly, she has figured out, with me out of the picture she can rule … { Read More }

brown bag lunch

Healthy School Lunches

Can you believe that the kiddos go back to school so soon, mine actually start on Monday (yes, Monday)!   Well if you check out a little bit more about me on my Work& Play tab, you will discover … { Read More }

screaming kid

I Wouldn’t Change A Thing… C’mon Really?

I spend an awful lot of time with moms, reading about moms, seeing moms on TV, writing about moms and being a mom.  Constantly, I hear statements (and make them myself) along the lines of "I'm so … { Read More }

Soccer Mom's Little Boy

From a Soccer Mom to Her Little Boy

As your mother, it is impossible not to constantly question whether I'm making the right decisions for you.  I worry. All the time. About almost everything. Lately, one of my worries has been about … { Read More }

Conversations in the Car with Kids

A little back story is required before this installment of Conversations in the Car with Kids. At my son's school, there is a color system linked to behavior.  You start the day on green and have … { Read More }